Introducing Berry's

for Slack

Ask anonymously your colleagues and managers. Add Berry's App to your Slack Team and ask/tell things, you didn't feel comfortable to ask before.

Ask without leaving Slack

Have you ever had a question or feedback to provide, but didn't know how to do it publicly?Berry's Slack app will help you to post anything anonymously on your behalf. Integrate Berrys to your workspace, type  /berrys ask {your question}  and we'll do the rest!


Go to "Apps" in your Slack Team & click "+" button


Type "Berrys" in the search bar & click "Add" button


Type "/berrys ask" & then type your question. Berrys will post it on your behalf


Answer anonymously by clicking "Answer" button or publicly by starting a thread

Download &

 Ask your questions!

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