Let your students ask you their questions without any pressure

More than 30% of students end up not asking their questions during or after class, which leads to gaps in knowledge, low self-esteem and bad habits for future learnings. Help them to ask you anonymously their questions by downloading Berry's app

Easy To Use

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Sign Up

Sign up on mobile app or on Website using your phone number

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Invite to Ask

Invite your students to ask by copying a private link & sending it to them

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Help your shy students by answering to their anonymous questions

This is How it feels like

You can use Berry's on  your laptop too

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Using  Zoom  during your classes?

We've got your covered. Integrate Berrys App to your Zoom channels and let your students send anonymous messages, whenever they want. It takes less than a minute. In order to protect group chats frominappropriate conversations, we've added a 'Repot Student' option, which would allow school admins to find out students name, if they inappropriate messages.